HAVE you ever wondered how photographers create some of the world’s most breathtaking pictures?

Well now one professional has revealed what REALLY goes on behind the scenes, and we’re afraid his techniques may be a bit tricky to recreate for your Instagram feed.

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A photographer has revealed what REALLY goes on behind the scenes in his breathtaking photos

Gilmar Silva has put together a series of ‘behind-the-scenes’ shots for his project LUGARxPHOTO, which means PLACExPHOTO.

The 25-year-old, from Brazil, has worked photographer for four years – and is known for his beautiful feminine shots of women taken around his home city of Cascavel, Parana.

And now he’s revealed the tips and tricks of his trade, and the lengths he goes to creating the perfect shot.

One eye-opening image shows the photographer sitting on his assistant’s shoulders – as he takes an image of a couple.

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Gilmar Silva showed how much hard work goes into his craft by sharing the images on social media

Another shows Gilmar lying in a puddle to photograph a family of three – which was later edited to look like a lake.

Gilmar shared the unedited original snaps with his 286,000 social media followers.

He explained: “I go to the place proposed by the client or myself, and there I get ideas according to what I see at that moment.

“Usually the locations are streets, abandoned houses, puddles of water or any space – super simple places.”

Wat-er shot

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Tree-mendously clever

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Sky high expectations

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Oh baby!

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On yer bike!

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Making a splash

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Car-azily close

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Flower power

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Wed you have guessed?

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The breast idea

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Can’t be-leaf it

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Smoke and mirrors

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We’re totally floored

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