I received an Instagram message a few days ago from a photographer asking me what I do to advertise my business and what i’ve found has worked the best. I’ve been photographing weddings for 13 years now and have noticed that the only thing that really works is creating images that you and your clients love and then letting your clients tell everyone about you and the experience. I’ve been able to share so many incredible experiences with people this (almost) first half of the year. I’d like to share some of those moments with you.

After this though… I’m taking a month off. June is mine to play, explore, reconnect with people and to refine a few things… and I’m even writing a book…. making a new website… big changes coming.

I’ve been having a blast shooting this first half of the year… i’ve noticed my style slowly evolving. Have been getting a little more into off camera flash, to amp up the lighting to highlight moments, rather than just sitting there complaining that the light was bad 🙂  I’ve heard some rumours about a new fuji flash system coming out soon, so that will be an exciting day!

Let’s have a look at the first half of the year.

Thank Goodness for mistakes. These guys accidentally added me to their top 150 in the world list. Whaaaat.

Early in the year we went to Dubai. I happened to be there at the same time as some friends of mine (from Space Camp Creative) were also flown to Dubai…by Coca Cola because they wrote their new theme song “Taste the feeling” for them. Huge news.

People watching in Dubai was probably my favourite thing though. Also, travelling with the Fuji X100T is the best.

I love photographing the connection between people… oh and helping people enjoy each others company. People are awesome.

I photographed a wedding where the night ended with a bang… or a fire… or a mix of both. Channel 7 were filming a wedding where I was the photographer (I think the show will be called Banking on Love or something) and the show documented  the wedding days of couples all over Australia who were working on a budget. Truth be told, every wedding has a budget…and to be hired to shoot a wedding where my fee was such a high proportion of their budget was actually a total honour and privilege. These guys valued photography… and oh boy, what an amazing day it was.

I went to Florence, Italy with my missus. I fell in love with a chocolate shop called Venchi here. They’re all over the place, but this is where I decided I was absolutely obsessed with their chocolate and gelato.

Speaking of diabetes…

Yay for sugar!

Sweet, sweet nothings.

To the sweetest gift for his daughter.

My mate Adam proposed to his girlfriend (Now Fiancee, luckily) and I hid in a tent with a 600mm lens.

I don’t like cricket, no, oh no, I love it.

Rain, hail or shine, let’s shoot.

Nothing will stop Charlie from always looking out for his bride. Nothing at all.

Dirty dress and adventurous bride. The best.

Wait, let’s go back to Italy. We started Valentines Day with a climb up a mountain in Italy.

Can you imagine a more incredible place to get ready?

That’s Cath & I, in Italy. Photo by Michael Gray.

Us again.

Sydney Town Hall all dolled up.

Maternity Shoots – my new fave.

& Mali Brae Farm – perhaps my new favourite venue. I have a few favourites though…

Note to self: Don’t steal a chip from the flower girls plate and expect her to move on and forget it.

It’s all smoke and mirrors.


Goodness Gracious (Grace Pitts)

I taught a photography workshop at Emerald Lake in Canada. That was pretty special.

Forget Uber. Just walk instead.

Boots and all.

Let’s show the grown ups how it’s done.

Running man? Meh. Running bridal party. Oh yeah.

Sunset. It’s all the rage.

Rain, rain, don’t go away… it’s an invite for me to come and play?