It doesn’t happen often however when it does and we receive the dreaded list from our clients directing us to take photos of everything we’d obviously take photos of, it stings bit.  Not because we are worried you don’t have faith in us as your hired on professional photography team of the day, it’s so much more than that.

Giving your wedding photographer a list of photos to take

Is like telling the plumber how to properly clear your drains or informing the dentist how you’d like your teeth cleaned this time around.  I mean this in the most light hearted way possible.  As photographers we are artists and we truly soar when we are given freedom and trust.  When a client tells us they saw our work and immediately knew they could rely on us to capture all their special details and candid moments of the day, it’s music to our ears.  At every wedding we get the honor of capturing we arrive with a fresh outlook, even if it’s at a venue we’ve shot at a hundred times.  We arrive with the couples story in our minds, notes from why they chose to get married where they did (yes we like to ask this stuff) and we have a genuine excitement getting to work with your closest family and friends!

Bride Merissa Haddad holding her Grandfathers bible

Where we wedding photographers need input is much more simple. Say there is a passed down heirloom that you really want a special photo with or a surprise performance is going to break out, these are things we need to know about in advance and be ready for.

After more than a decade and over 500 weddings under our belt, we have a proven system and the work we do and showcase states just that.  After all you wouldn’t tell an artist what to paint, am I right?  Trust in your team, get to know the pro’s you hire and relax knowing your in good hands.  If you find yourself not feeling at ease with any of your vendors even your photographer maybe it’s a red flag that the match isn’t right and you should keep looking.

At every wedding we shoot, the ones where the couples are enjoying themselves, relaxing and being completely present in the experience are the ones that truly get incredible photographs!

Don’t worry we don’t blame you…

The truly mind blowing thing to me is that sites like the Knot publicize these lists, so it’s not even the bride or grooms fault for thinking they need to provide us this stuff.  I’ll tell you when you should follow this list.  When you decide to cut costs and have your friend who has a decent camera or just started shooting weddings is your photographer, yes then give that person a list.  For more on that topic read here

These two danced the night away together and got some great action shots!

Are you ready for the solution?

So instead of giving your wedding pros a list of what they already know to do I’ve made this fun list for you as a bride, because I’m funny like that!

I present the bride and groom checklist – from your photographer

bride to do checklist from photographer

We appreciate the photos you’ve found on Pinterest of couples adorably walking hand in hand through the firey sunset, etc. Please note that we see every opportunity of moments, kisses, and most importantly light.  As your day unfolds, the magic will happen and we will be sure to grab every opportunity that comes our way!  Feel free to share and pin, maybe The Knot will even take notice

Thanks for reading


Wedding Photographer and bonafide smart ass