My name is Nathan Crase of  NCrase photography and I am based out of Columbus, GA which is a town just south of Atlanta. I have been photographing weddings since 2009 and like most photographers, I started out shooting everything that I thought I wanted to photograph. Tested all the waters. Then quickly realized – I don’t want to be mediocre at a bunch of genres. I want to hone the craft to a single focus – weddings – and to actually be good!

After many years of honing my craft I believe I have moulded my style that’s unique to me. I try really hard not to alter my style to fit what is trending on instagram. I try to stay true to what I have found that works for me and delivers a certain style to my clients without following trends. So hopefully my images remain timeless and not something you look back on and go  ‘that look was so 2018!’  This thought process keeps me zeroed in on my style and to not look at others to copy.

During a wedding I prioritize different scenes that I believe are more important than others. And no matter what happens during the timeline of the day – I still heavily photograph these high priority scenes. The most important photographs of a wedding to me is the Bride and Groom!

A close second in terms of priority is the beautiful bride 🙂 This includes the getting ready process all the way through the bridal session.

Everything I photograph I try to have my hands on. I don’t just hope to find a good image. I create it. If I went into a wedding just hoping the image would show itself….I probably wouldn’t get much sleep the night before!

I like details but I like them better when they have a little personality. Instead of  just a dress shot – I like to incorporate the bride. Instead of a solo photo of shoes – I like to photograph the bride elegantly putting them on. I do this with most of the details. I like shoes, jewelry, and the dress have a little bit of life in the image.

I love sculpting images and layers. This image of the bride getting in her dress and her mom with the final touches as sister watches was all designed then photographed to make it look like I was in the right place at the right time.

I also do my best to incorporate the guys in a way that they will enjoy. As most of the time the dudes just aren’t into being photographed. I try to make it enjoyable.

I also like to try my best to do something fun. Maybe even try something that I haven’t done before:

Overall – I love wedding photography. I love creating an image unique to the bride and groom. I love getting fired up and excited about nailing a shot and making the bride feel beautiful or the groom feeling relaxed. I just love creating images that the bride and groom aren’t used to getting. Making images that may be considered fine art. Where the details are paid attention too during the capture and during the edit.

I think I have found my style and after hundreds of weddings I still get pumped up about the next wedding in hopes to make that one my best one yet!