Hummingbird Zen.

A mind at peace, a mind centred and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe. ~Wayne Dyer

Our sweet neighbour let us know that she had been feeding the hummingbirds in the area, and that we should come over and get Maisie to try it (Elliot lasted about 2 seconds of “trying to be still”)  But Maisie was focused, calm and determined.  We would talk about calming her energy, opening her heart, softening her energy.  Letting the sweet little creatures know she would never harm them.  The first night she waited about 40 minutes before one landed near her.  (BW below).  The next night we tried at our house, we kept Elliot inside (way too bouncy and unpredictable) and she went ahead with her calming and softening practise.  They were all around her and all over her in a matter of moments.  It was truly mesmerizing.  (Second night colour photo below)  We will be making this a regular practice.  She absolutely loves it, it is so peaceful and filled with magic.  Deep gratitude to our sweet neighbour Sue for enlightening us to her special practice. ox

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