Taylor’s and Zach’s Hamilton, Montana wedding was one of my favorites: all day coverage for just 12 guests.  It was the definition of intimate, relaxed, and making your wedding your own.  We started with yoga next to the Bitterroot River, led by Zach’s aunt, Meg Poe, who also served as the officiant for the ceremony later in the day.  From there Taylor’s mom and sisters built her bouquet and the other florals while the guys went the brewery in Hamilton for lunch.  Getting ready throughout the afternoon was leisurely and in included a couple of my favorite moments of the year.  One was Taylor’s handkerchief, which came about from slitting a couple threads on her baby bonnet, which was given to her by her great-grandmother, who has since passed.  The other was Zach working on his vows with his sister.  I found it to be a very sweet moment marked by a strong trust between them (and I can concur, the vows were solid!).  One other moment, which you’ll see below, involved Taylor’s mom painting her fingernails on a table.  I love keeping an eye out for details like this that happen naturally and this resulted in one of my favorite “found details” shots of the last couple years.  I hope to get one or two of these a year and while I hope there will be more, I’m excited to have already taken this one.

The vows were touching and emotional for nearly everyone in attendance, the ceremony site next to the river perfect.  We were able to grab some riverside portraits just afterwards with some ominous clouds in the background, then go out again near sunset (after 9pm!) to some nearby fields for some more portraits, which I’m really pleased with.

At a ceremony that just has 12 guests, you’d expect the dancing to last about 2-3 songs, but this group was on it!  We went for more than an hour and everybody found a dancing bone in their body!  It also rained most of the next day, which means their decision to hold their wedding on a Friday was both perfect for them and for my intact record of never having photographed a ceremony in the rain.  🙂