Polebridge Mercantile before we traveled up to Kintla Lake for some evening portraits.  It was on this trip that something magnificent happened.  Katherine looked out the passenger window to the west and asked if those were deer running out there?  But why are they black?  I saw them at about this moment and realized that they were in fact wolves!  A pack of wolves at a wedding!  Kim stopped the car and I ran to the back to get my long lens, but was hindered far too long by not being able to get into the hatch.  Eventually I got the correct lens out and was able to snap some photos with both Katherine and Kim in the foreground and a few of the wolves running across the prairie.  At 6pm in broad daylight!  What a crazy time to see wolves in the open!

One other note: in lieu of dresses Katherine and Kim wore matching Pendleton shirts, which I thought was a pretty awesome twist on traditional wedding attire.

This is perhaps the shortest “meeting” story, but also perhaps the best: “It was very lesbionic. We met playing softball. But we don’t play softball anymore because it’s boring. ”