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When it comes to your wedding day, the investment can start to add up fast.  It is completely understandable that you might be looking for ways to cut costs.  However, when it comes to something as important as the first day of the rest of your life, there are some places you don’t want to cut.

By investing in a high end wedding photographer, you’re investing in a relationship with someone who cares about more than just capturing your day.  You’ll not only get someone who will respect and honor your day in the way it deserves, but also get someone who is invested in preserving your memories.  Jessi Norvell is a Wedding Photographer and Portrait Artist who cares about your entire marriage and your relationship from this day forward.  Jessi will pray over your marriage, and she’s going to rejoice in the joy of your lifelong commitment right alongside you!

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Top 5 Reasons Photography Should be the #1 Investment on Your Wedding Day

#1. At the end of the day, photography is all you’ll have.

The flowers wilt, the food is gone, the venue is cleaned… and what are you left with?  Your husband and your wedding portraits!  We actually try hard to build up and support your relationship as much as we work to ensure our photographic skill is developed.  Basically?  We’ll work hard to make sure neither of those will be something you’re disappointed with later!

#2. Relive the Day

Your wedding day will go by so fast.  You might miss set-ups and details, decisions you spent months making. By having a professional wedding photographer document your day, you’ll get details photos to swoon over!  Between those and your amazing quick glances at each other that you never want to forget, having your complete love story documented can make all the difference.

#3. Heirlooms

This is the first day of your branch of your family tree.  Imagine one day opening up your wedding day album to share the story of where they came from with your children and even one day your grandchildren!  Photography has such power to share moments in time.  Your Wedding Day Collection will always include Wall Art and an Heirloom Album to act as your own version of a time capsule for future generations.

#4. If you book the right photographer, it’s about more than just the wedding day.

The right photographer for you will work to build a relationship with you.  This person will care about your family, your heritage, your future.  For Jessi Norvell, it’s about this being the beginning of a beautiful friendship that will be lifelong.  When you book your Wedding Day Photography, you’ll start to plan your Engagement Session.  Many couples add on Bridal Portraits and Bridal Boudoir before the wedding.  And Jessi also provides 1st Anniversary portraits or maternity portraits, whichever comes first! Booking a Certified Professional Photographer who is invested in your Family’s Heritage means having someone who will always prioritize your milestones and take care of you.

#5. Your Wedding Photography Defines Your Wedding Day

Have you ever seen someone with a high end wedding book a cheap photographer?  Maybe you have.  That $20k wedding will look like their $500 photographer.  But the reverse is true, too!  If you invest in the importance of photography, you can cut corners a lot of other ways and your day will look as beautiful and glamorous as you remember because your photographer will be able to capture its beauty. The right photographer will make any wedding look like a high end event, with the focus on the relationship between the bride and groom – right where everyone should be focused.

Beautiful printed wedding photograph in a modern apartment

Whether your goal is to decorate your home with beautiful heirloom quality printed portraits or a stunning generational album, Jessi Norvell provides an experience focused on who you are to tell the next generation about where they came from.

Ready to start your wedding photography experience?

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How to Start Your Wedding Photography Relationship with Jessi Norvell Portraits:

STEP ONE: The Call

01  During our initial phone call we’ll ask and answer questions, as well as schedule your complimentary Wedding Photography Consultation. Have your calendar ready to look at our coordinated availability.

STEP TWO: The Consultation

02 During your complimentary Consultation, we will take time to learn all about your wedding day and your love story leading up to it. We’ll look at samples to find your favorite poses and locations for pre-wedding sessions, and lock in your wedding date if you’re ready to take the next step.

If you make it that far, more information will be to come!

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