Why I LOVE being a destination wedding photographer…

Combining travelling & photography together is a dream come true to me. I shot my first destination wedding in 2016 and since then it has excited me more than ever. Throughout my life I have been lucky to travel to many different countries all over the world, feeling a little more inspired with every trip. Being asked to travel abroad to photograph a couples destination wedding is a huge privilege!

So far I have shot in Iceland, Italy, Malta, Norway & Toronto. Each of these countries have provided absolutely stunning backdrops for my gorgeous couples on their wedding day.

So if you’ve decided to tie the knot abroad and you’re considering taking a photographer from the UK with you, here are a couple of reasons why that is an awesome idea…

First and foremost, we can meet up before you fly overseas to get married. We can discuss all of your destination wedding plans and build up a friendship before the big day. I always like to be close to where the wedding will be at least a couple of day before, I know most if not all of your guests will feel the same. This gives me a chance to get to know you all to ensure they feel totally comfortable around me and my camera. They will no doubt be in holiday mode which will probably help a lot! At the very least, knowing you both is very important as you will naturally feel much more relaxed in front of the camera.

On the day itself you will know exactly what you’re getting from me, I will be working in my signature style and will not be restricted by any hotel photography “packages”. There will also be no language barriers. After the wedding when we’re back in the UK we can meet up and I’ll show you your wedding photographs.

What is the price of a destination wedding photographer?

Truthfully, it is impossible for me to have one set price. It depends on where the wedding is, how many days the wedding is spread over etc

The best thing to do would be to get in touch and fill me in with all the details and hopefully if I am available and we get on like a house on fire then I’ll be shooting your destination wedding very soon. The world is our oyster…